MRT Test Methods

Mobile manual test procedure & Automated testing with "Rope Watcher"

The mobile manual test procedure

The mobile test procedure enables tests to be carried out flexibly and individually. In this process, a trained CERTEX service technician can locally test different wire ropes within one test order. Equipped with a mobile testing device, the condition of the rope in question can be checked in a shorter time. 

The diagnostic software identifies possible damage along the entire rope and records all data in accordance with the international standard ISO 4309. After the inspection, the test report is released to the CERTEX customer as valid legal protection.

Automated testing with "Rope Watcher"

The automated testing procedure is used primarily for extremely important and mission-critical lifting equipment. Companies often trust CERTEX with this procedure when the safety of human life or continuous production must be guaranteed. For example, the heavy elevator industry, cable cars or elevator companies use steel wire ropes in different ways - yet the basic aspects of safety and business continuity remain the same. 

In the automated MRT method, the trained CERTEX service technician will permanently install the "Rope Watcher" on the wire rope as it passes through, so that the device continuously records data on the steel wire rope in real time. Via a user interface linked to the software, the user can observe changes in the steel wire rope at any time or be notified when changes occur. With the "Rope Watcher" you are always on the safe side!

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