Every cleanroom crane we supply is tailor-made. As a market leader, we have built up a vast amount of KnowHow. Each crane is unique and can be supplied with a wide range of specific options. The possibilities are numerous: a lifting capacity from 50 kg to 50 tons, one or more cranes, electrically or manually operated cranes, .. 

Our cleanroom crane products improve the efficiency of your work processes. In this way, the workplace becomes a more productive and safer environment. Combine that with a service contract and you have instant 24/7 support. Together with an international group of partners, projects are delivered ready for use without any problems.

We will be happy to help you find the right cleanroom crane for your needs. Simply contact us for this purpose. When planning cleanrooms, it is immeasurable to identify and remove sources of contamination. We will be happy to assist you in the planning of your cleanrooms.

Your benefits at a glance

                                     Efficient workflows

Safe & more ergonomic work environment

                                     24/7 support

                           Steril contamination control

                                   ISO NORM 14666

                                  Quiet & precise

Cleanroom Cranes for your specific industry

Our leading-edge cranes are pollution-free, leave no particles, are precise, quiet and fit seamlessly into any cleanroom environment. In addition, all of our cranes are certified with the required international test marks to ensure the highest possible quality standards worldwide - ISO 14644 standard.Accordingly, our cleanroom cranes are ideally suited for the semiconductor, pharmaceutical, food industries and aerospace.

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Cleanroom cranes within the semiconductur industry

The current market for high-quality semiconductors requires suitable lifting solutions for heavy components. Hygienic lifting equipment is an absolute must. This high profile industry has stringent requirements and demands that we supply specially designed equipment. We pay particular attention to accuracy and cleanliness. A continuous quality program is essential to meet the constantly changing application requirements.

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Cleanroom cranes within the pharma industry 

Within the pharmaceutical industry, small particles can have a major impact on the production process. Our cranes and hoists work flawlessly in these environments. No contamination, optimal precision, quiet and all made of A-class components. Thanks to a wide range of products, we can offer just about any lifting device in this sector. From design and construction to delivery and assembly.

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Cleanroom cranes within the food industry 

In the food industry, a controlled environment is of great importance for the production process. This significantly extends the shelf life of processed foods or fresh products. Stricter quality controls also lead to stricter environmental requirements. For these demands, we offer various, tailor-made lifting solutions.

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Cleanroom cranes within aero- and astronautics 

When manufacturing precision components for electronics or aerospace, a cleanroom crane can be a welcoming asset. We are confident that we can meet all of our customers' technical and operational requirements.

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