It is possible that you have selected a lifting gear that was not originally designed by CERTEX. It is also possible that the existing lifting device no longer functions properly for various reasons, e.g. due to damaged parts, defects, repairs that cannot be carried out, etc. When defective parts can no longer be repaired, rebuilding from a sample may be cheaper than buying a new part. Sometimes a rebuild can be cheaper, possibly even faster and thus more reasonable than a more costly repair.

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Post certification

Some load lifting gear requires post-certification. CERTEX offers post-certification as a service as part of its range of engineering services. If, for example, you have an existing load lifting device that does not have a type plate or a CE declaration, you cannot use this load lifting device in your company without further ado in accordance with the DGUV. 

Against this background, CERTEX offers to subsequently test any externally designed load handling equipment and to certify it accordingly, so that the lifting device can be used properly and correctly again. Furthermore, we enable you to save additional time and costs, since you do not have to have existing load handling devices completely redesigned.

Modification & Upscaling

With an increase in load, it is possible to extend the permissible working load limit (WLL) of a load handling attachment as specified by the manufacturer. It can very well happen that the originally planned WLL is not sufficient for the specific application or that new, heavier projects or loads are to be tackled or lifted with the same load handling device. In this case, an increase in the load capacity, i.e. a modification of the existing load handling device, can be extremely useful.

In addition to the increased WLL, a technical uplift can have other advantages: The weight can be distributed more evenly, if necessary, and the load can consequently be distributed adequately. This can extend the life of the lifting device and, above all, increase safety for your company and your employees.

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