Load Test with CERTEX

Better Safe than Sorry

Each load handling attachment is designed for a specific working load limit (WLL). During a load test, the functionality of a load handling device is checked. The objective is to determine whether the load handling attachment can handle the load and is therefore 100% safe for use. In doing so, the safety of the user is paramount.

A regular load test is a non-destructive test method. For this purpose, you can subject load handling devices manufactured by CERTEX as well as load handling devices constructed by others to a load test at our company. This provides you with reliable proof that the load handling device you have purchased meets the requirements. In this way, you can ensure that your product meets the highest safety standards.

In a load test, a load handling device is subjected to a defined load for a predetermined period of time. This is generally between 1.5 and 2 times the specified load capacity. Load tests can be carried out on special load handling attachments, such as specifically manufactured lifting beams, or on steel wire ropes. Our load handling devices possess a CE mark and can be subjected to a test load before delivery. Test load tests up to 1,400 tons can be performed by us.

At CERTEX, we set the highest safety standards for our own employees. We do the same for our customers. Ensure your employees have the safety they deserve.

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