Custom Engineering at CERTEX includes a wide range of services, tailored to your specific use case. With our Lifting Know-How, we offer in-house engineering, post-certification, modificationand load increase, load testing or we design your own special lifting device, specifically according to your wishes and requirements. No matter which service you choose, you will always keep track of our entire process thanks to full transparency.
You do not know how to lift your load safely from point A to B? You are not quite sure if your lifting-construction is safe enough? Maybe there are some special environmental influences, i.e. ambient temperature; humidity, corrosiveness (saline atmosphere), eventually wind speeds etc., that need to be considered for the load that shall be lifted, like? 

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Inhouse Engineering

At CERTEX, you do not get a ready-made product off the shelf. Our own in-house engineering analyzes and evaluates your individual use case, regardless of whether you decide to have your custom construction manufactured by us or not. 

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Special Load Lifting Devices

Load lifting devices from CERTEX meet the highest quality and safety standards. With us, you receive your individual custom construction directly from a single source without any detours.

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Cleanroom Cranes

Cleanroom cranes by CERTEX improve the efficiency of your work processes, while simultaneously generating a more productive and safer environment at your workplace.

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Load Tests

Load tests can be carried out on special load handling attachments, such as specifically manufactured lifting beams, steel wire ropes or other lifting devices.

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Finite Elements (FEM)

With FEM simulation, our engineers are able to simulate mechanical deformations, vibrations or rotations under a wide range of physical conditions.

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Reconstruction, Post certification, Modification & Upscaling

CERTEX provides you replicas, post certifications, or modificatoin and upscaling of your lifting beams, no matter where you bought or designed it.

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