At CERTEX, you do not get a ready-made product off the shelf. Our own in-house engineering analyzes and evaluates your individual use case, regardless of whether you decide to have your custom construction manufactured by us or not. Particularly in the case of internal bottlenecks or resource shortages, it often pays off to outsource complex to a competent partner. 

Our in-house engineering department possesses many years of experience in developing solutions for heavy lifting devices. For almost 30 years we have designed, collected in our database and built thousands of different lifting solutions. We work closely with you to develop safe and easy-to-use solutions for your individual use. All CERTEX load handling devices come with a CE mark and can be subjected to a test load before delivery. Load tests up to 1,400 t can be carried out by us. 

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Load lifting devices from CERTEX meet the highest quality and safety standards. With us, you receive your individual custom construction directly from a single source without any detours. Let us advise you today without obligation.

Many years of expertise

Thanks to our many years of experience, we can provide you with targeted and competent support in the development of technical solutions.

Special load lifting devices

We have a prepared solution for every individual requirement and design load handling devices for your specific application

Made in Germany

Our own in-house engineering - Made in Germany stands for high quality load handling equipment which are to be made for you.

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Here you can find a presentation about further customized products and our one page for detailed information!

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