Highly flexible protection for use with webbing slings and heavy lift round slings at very sharp edges.

  • Adjustable to any lifting sling.
  • No fixed angle
  • Protection against extreme abrasion (light version) and sharp edges (heavy version).
  • Made from 100% Dyneema®.
  • Very light compared to traditional protection systems.
  • Flexible in use.
  • Will always follow the shape of the load.
  • High quality velcro for solid fit.
  • Available in various sizes and lengths.
  • Long lifespan.

Because of the two velcro straps the Corner Protector is extremely easy to mount on the sling. The flexible Dyneema® pad makes it possible to use the sling in any situation, without a fixed angle.

The Corner Protector is perfect for repetitive loadouts of payloads with extremely sharp edges. The lifetime of a round sling will be significantly longer and much safer with Extreema® corner protections on the bearing points and angles, sharp edges.

The main application for Extreema® protection products is the protection of lifting equipment and the object that will be lifted. It can be mounted on synthetic round slings, webbing slings, steel wire rope and chains, lashings and synthetic ropes.

  • Material: 100% Dyneema® 
  • Marking: According to standard
  • Standard: EN 1492-2
E-CP met rondstop01
E-CP met hijsband04
Extreema® XXL-corner protectors (4)
Extreema® XXL-corner protectors (3)
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