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Steel Wire Rope Training

So that safety does not become a wire rope act - Wire rope training from CERTEX


This one-day seminar is designed to provide participants with basic knowledge of steel wire ropes. In doing so, we will address the design properties of wire ropes, the selection of suitable constructions and their targeted use to solve problems in rope operations. 

In addition, the discard and inspection criteria for running steel wire ropes in rope drives of cranes, winches or systems are extensively trained and explained using examples. The content includes:

  • Standards and guidelines

  • Wire rope constructions

  • Selection of suitable constructions

  • Technical properties

  • Rope end connections

  • Handling of ropes

  • Maintenance and care.

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Duration: 1 day 
Location: We conduct this seminar for you at our location in Düsseldorf, alternatively we can offer you an in-house seminar for this subject area.