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Hoists are often the most economical and safest solution for lifting or moving heavy loads. The most common hoists include chain hoists, lever hoists and cable winches. They are used both in small craft businesses and in large enterprises. Wherever human strength is not sufficient, motorized or manual hoists are an optimal tool. By using hoists, loads of all kinds can be transported horizontally or vertically in a suspended position. This enables faster and more efficient work processes.
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CERTEX hoists are ideally suited for lifting, carrying, pulling and tensioning loads in confined spaces. For "lifting from above", e.g. electric chain hoists, manual hoists such as cable winches or pneumatic hoists are utilized. In this case, the hoist is located above the load that needs to be lifted. If the hoist is located under the load, these are usually steel winches and hydraulic jacks. Technically sophisticated hoists individually tailored to your application are available for the simple and effortless transport of heavy but also lighter loads. Machines, workpieces, etc. can be transported easily and safely to their respective destinations. By using safety radio controls, motorized hoists can additionally be operated from a safe distance. In addition, this also optimizes work safety.

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