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Steel Wire Ropes & Accessories

Wire Ropes & Accessories in modern lifting technology, wire ropes and related accessories are indispensable components that ensure safe and efficient load movement. Each installation and lifting need requires a specific wire rope / steel cable. Wire ropes / steel cables are sling ropes that you equip with appropriate hooks and use to lift and move loads. Here at CERTEX you will find wire ropes / steel cables in all possible sizes and compositions. From standard and special wire ropes, to long-lift or cross ropes, to high-performance ropes. The right wire rope - Non-binding advice At CERTEX, we offer a wide selection of wire ropes / steel cables, rope end terminations and matching accessories, as well as a variety of fabrication options. In addition to our own produced wire ropes / steel ropes of the brand ROPETEX, we also keep a large number of other ropes in stock for you - also in longer lengths. 

We offer the following steel wire ropes
In addition, we offer suitable accessories for your steel wire rope:

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