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Every installation and every lifting need requires a specific wire rope. Steel wire ropes are lifting ropes, which are equipped with appropriate hooks and used for lifting and transporting loads. At CERTEC you find steel wire ropes in all possible sizes and compositions. From standard and special steel wire ropes, to long-lift or cross ropes, to high-performance ropes.



The right Steel Wire Rope - Consultation without Obligation 

At CERTEX, we offer a wide range of steel wire ropes, rope ends and compatible accessories, as well as a variety of assembly options. In addition to our own produced steel wire ropes of the ROPETEX brand, we also keep a large number of other ropes in stock for you - also in longer lengths.


Do you need more information regarding the right steel wire rope for your specific case of application? Simply contact us for an individual and non-binding consultation. Our specialists will be happy to help you finding the right steel wire rope for you.


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