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Lifting KnowHow

The CERTEX promise

Lift safely and avoid work accidents

Our Lifting Knowhow is based on many years of experience and a wide range of quality products, training, inspection, services, and support. We value the knowledge and expertise of our employees, and are proud of helping them reach the highest standards possible. We use our Lifting Know How to give you the best service and technical support. We share our Lifting Know How every time you get in touch with us about a lifting issue regardless if you want advice about a product, participate in one of our courses or utilize our range of services.

We want to help ensure a safe and secure working environment for the many people working with lifting - both to a greater or lesser extent. In addition, it is also important for us that the companies we work with are informed and aware of the advantages or disadvantages by choosing one type of equipment over another.  


What Lifting KnowHow means

Our Lifting KnowHow based on four pillars:



... is fundamental in our work to provide customized lifting solutions with high customer value.  



...  is essential for a good working environment and always first priority in all aspects of the lifting solutions we provide. 



...  is always in focus and adapted for the lifting application, fulfilling customer needs and local market regulations. 



...  is vital in our work to provide customer value, assuming the role as a partner to our customers.

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Lifting KnowHow Videos

Lifting KnowHow #1 - Abwickeln und Schneiden von Drahtseilen

Lifting KnowHow Video #2 - Auswahl der richtigen Hebezeuge

Lifting KnowHow Video #3 - Heben mit textilen Hebebändern

The Lifting Knowhow S01E01- Introduction

The Lifting Knowhow S01 E02 

Rejection criteria on round slings

The Lifting Knowhow S01E03 - Correct use of Eye bolts

The Lifting Knowhow S01 E04 Shortening wirerope

The Lifting Knowhow S01 E05 Wire Rope Coiling

The Lifting Knowhow S01 E06 Wire Rope Fittings Mechanically Spliced

The Lifting Knowhow S01 E07 Wire Rope Fittings Wire Rope Grips

The Lifting Knowhow S01 E08 Wire Rope Fittings Wedge Socket

The Lifting Knowhow S01 E09 Grade 80 vs grade 100

The Lifting Knowhow S01 E10 Shackles