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Our experienced service technicians take over tests & certifications of lifting devices by increasingly relying on digital and highly accurate testing methods. All tested items are transparently documented in our in-house database "CertMax+" and can be viewed by our customers at any time.

In addition, our employees can implement a variety of training topics for wire ropes, slings or crane operators, so that our customers and their employees are always on the safe side with us.


Automatic Rope Testing MRT

MRT (Magnetic Rope Testing) method is a non-destructive, magnetic and non-contact process that can detect wire breaks, deformations and corrosion on steel wire ropes. With MRT, your steel wire ropes can now be inspected safely and with the highest accuracy on a digital level. In addition the rope is inspected from all sides and simultaneously from inside.

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Service & Inspections

A maintenance agreement guarantees you the certainty that required inspections will be carried out on time. On-site, our specialists can perform your crane inspection, or the inspection of your lifting beams, steel wire ropes and other load handling equipment hoists. 

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Education & Trainings

Training desired? We offer a variety of trainings:

  • Steel Wire Rope Training
  • Lifting Equipment Training
  • Crane Operator Training
  • Forklift Training
  • Height Safety Training

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