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In mining, not only mining ropes are indispensable, but also special lifting technology and continuous inspection of wire ropes. We have extensive experience in the mining industry and employees who are fully dedicated to this industry. Thanks to our KnowHow we can help you find the right products for your demanding environment.

Special requirement for products and services 

For this purpose, we offer a wide range of wire ropes and lifting equipment for the mining industry. Our products are already used in one of the largest mining projects in Eastern Germany. One of the important services we provide is magnetic induction testing (MRT) of wire ropes. With the help of this test, we can detect corrosion, wire breaks and the condition of the rope core. This provides you with accurate information about the overall condition of your wire ropes. In addition, we offer sling inspection and, of course, technical support. We also offer training for safe slinging according to your needs. 

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