Cranes and Lifting Beams

Cranes and lifting beams from CERTEX are perfectly adapted to your needs. Intensive consultation, our own design and a competent team in the assembly and inspection of cranes and load handling devices offer you complete solutions from a single source. We can supply you with a standard load handling device or design it for you according to specific your requirements.


Cranes at CERTEX

A crane is a means of conveyance in which a load is suspended from a load-bearing device (e.g. a rope or chain). The load can be lifted, lowered and moved in one or more horizontal directions. CERTEX's wide range of cranes enables you to install an adequate crane for every situation and application according to your desired needs and individual requirements. Pillar-mounted slewing cranes, wall-mounted slewing cranes, workshop cranes and ceiling-mounted cranes are some examples from our product range for you.


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