• End fittings Grade 10.
  • Round sling coupling (WCL) for the safe and smooth connection of round slings with end fittings.
  • Indentification label.
  • Length round sling is 1 meter
  • Marking: According to standard, CE-marked
  • Standard: EN 1492-2, EN 1677-1
  • Note: Option: Extra length round sling and protective cover on request.
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Part Code Code WLL Model Masterlink hook type Protection For connecting link For roundslings ton WLL 0-45°
WLL 45-60°
2593101 8717365020988 1.5 3SPR-1500KG-1M RMA-6 REH-8 BS-50 WCL-8 S5-1.0 2,1 1,5
2593201 8717365020995 3 3SPR-3000KG-1M RMA-8 REH-8 BS-60 WCL-8 S5-2.0 4,2 3
2593301 8717365021008 4.5 3SPR-4500KG-1M RMA-10 REH-10 BS-60 WCL-10 S5-3.0 6,3 4,5
2593401 8717365021015 6 3SPR-6000KG-1M RMA-13 REH-13 BS-75 WCL-13 S5-4.0 8,4 6
2593501 8717365021022 7.5 3SPR-7500KG-1M RMA-13 REH-13 BS-75 WCL-13 S5-5.0 10,5 7,5

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