REMA QPM Neodymium permanent lifting magnets are suitable for lifting and transporting flat and cylindrical ferromagnetic materials ("magnetically supported as steel").


  • Safety factor 3.5.
  • High-quality Neodymium magnet material [NdFeB].
  • Virtually no residual magnetism after decoupling prevents accidents.
  • Simple and light lever operation with safety button.
  • V-groove makes it possible to hoist cylindrical workpieces next to flat surfaces.
  • Compact and robust construction with a large lifting eye.

Type selection:

  • Choose the type of magnet to match the load to be lifted.
  • Important features are the thickness, weight, size of the magnetic surface, material specification, surface structure, air gap and symmetrical load.


  • REMA QPM permanent lifting magnets can be used as grabs in lifting and hoisting applications for horizontal and vertical materials handling in stores, steel construction manufacturing plants, machine and assembly bays etc.


  • Never exceed the safe workload.
  • The full lifting force is only achieved if the surface of the steel plate to be lifted (St 37k and 25 mm thick) is processed, smooth and clean.
  • Note that only one plate is lifted at a time when lifting thin sheets from a stack.
  • Note the “peeling action” when lifting thin plates, these will bend and can become detached from the lifting magnet.
  • Never let a lifting magnet come down hard on the ground.
  • It is forbidden to be under the load of a lifting magnet, no persons should be put in danger while working with lifting magnets.
  • Never lift loads on which loose objects are located.
  • Do not lift uneven and porous workpieces.
  • Surface must be dry, clean, oil and grease free.
  • Lifting magnets only start on company-safe cranes and load hooks etc.
  • Prevent shock loads during lifting and place the load in a controlled manner.
  • Always check the quality of the control knob on the handle, guide and safety pin before use.
  • Have the lifting magnet inspected and inspected by an authorized person or body every year.
  • Marking: According to standard, CE-marked
  • Standard: EN 13155, EN 12100
  • Safety factor: 3,5
Select a row from the table below, then click the add to cart button
Part Code Code WLL Model Thickness of material
Maximum size of the load*
Length handle
Diameter range max.
WLL round materials
Weight CAD
3610001 8717365017414 0.1 QPM-100 20 800 x 600 84 70 30 84 62 67 130 150 116 2.6
3610003 8717365017421 0.3 QPM-300 30 1500 x 1500 154 90 100 154 92 91 206 195 160 9.6
3610006 8717365017438 0.6 QPM-600 40 2000 x 1500 196 110 200 224 122 117 285 254 213 23
3610010 8717365017445 1 QPM-1000 60 2000 x 1500 264 120 300 250 176 163 322 372 288 54

Download CAD

Download CAD by choosing the desired product from the table above and the format from the menu below. Click "Get CAD" and after the load reaches 100% you can click on the download icon to download it. Please note that CAD drawings are only available if the icon at the right side of the table above is colored and not grayed out.