REMA PK and MK hand magnets are an indispensable tool in places where a lot of steel plates are used.


  • GS-approved.
  • Oil and grease have little influence on the magnetic force.
  • The carrying handle is robust, ergonomic and plastic-coated.
  • It is easy to detach the magnet from the workpiece by pressing down the handle or lever at the crane magnets, the leaf spring pushing the magnet loose without damaging the workpiece.
  • After releasing the magnet, the workpieces are not magnetic.
  • PK type is equipped with a plastic housing.
  • Safety factor 2.


  • Horizontally or vertically stored blank steel sheets from stock to the workplace.
  • Safe manoeuvring of steel sheets on machine.
  • Lifting and transporting pieces of steel sheet after cutting.
  • Marking: According to standard, CE-marked
  • Standard: EN 12100, EN 13155
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Part Code Code WLL Model Plate thickness
Pulling capacity
L x B Weight CAD
3604000 8717365017353 0.06 PK-60 = 1-2 35 160 x 150 1.4
3604001 8717365017360 0.12 MK-120 = 1-2 70 140 x 84 1.4
3604003 8717365017377 0.17 MK-170 = 1-4 100 140 x 116 1.7
3604005 8717365017384 0.3 MK-300 >2 180 160 x 180 3.5

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