• Compact and stable construction.
  • Usable in any position.
  • Very low foot.
  • The housing can be rotated through 360 °.
  • Accurate adjustment of the lowering speed.
  • prevented from overload.
  • Patented construction.
  • The pump handle is detachable.


  • designed for repair, maintenance and mounting of heavy machines.


  • Never exceed the safe working load of the machine lifter.
  • Never subject the claw to point loading, always fully load.
  • Never add an additional load with a raised load.
  • Do not use in unstable and uncertain positions.
  • Use only with a flat surface that can carry the load.
  • The load must be stable during lifting.
  • Do not use machine lifters that are in bad condition or damaged.
  • Ensure that the machine lifters are inspected and approved by a competent authority every year.
  • It is not allowed to lift people with machine lifters.
  • Marking: According to standard, CE-marked
  • Standard: EN 12100, EN 13157
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Part Code Code WLL Model Maximum hand force
on crank kg
Weight CAD
1800050 8717365020377 5 RMH-50 38 25
1800100 8717365008498 10 RMH-100 40 35
1800250 8717365008504 25 RMH-250 40 102

Download CAD

Download CAD by choosing the desired product from the table above and the format from the menu below. Click "Get CAD" and after the load reaches 100% you can click on the download icon to download it. Please note that CAD drawings are only available if the icon at the right side of the table above is colored and not grayed out.


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