LIFT-TEX® Industrie is a Netherlands based leading manufacturer of Heavy Lift High Performance fiber roundslings. Under the brand name EXTREEMA® they manufacture HMPE slings. Innovative slings which make use of a patented technology. They set new standards in heavy lifting. EXTREEMA® slings can lift up to MBL 4000 T straight lift/8000 T basket lift.

Because of the well trained and skilled staff of LIFT-TEX, EXTREEMA® slings can be provided in many configurations this makes EXTREEMA® applicable to almost every lifting job.

Some service options:

  • Custom made slings according to the customers needs
  • Engineering support
  • Inspection and repair
  • Wear & cut protections
  • Product training
  • Product development
  • Break load and proof load testing
Boat-Yacht Lifting Sling
Extreema HMPE Soft Sling
Extreema Soft Sling VEJAMATE Load-out
EXTREEMA® soft slings on 1400T liftingbeam.
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Examples of the use of Track Record Extreema Slings

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