Powered by built-in 12v battery for at least 8 hours of operation
Hand-held, IR remote control unit allows to operate the lifting magnet from up to 4.5 metres
High degree of safety
Bail sensor prevents magnet de-energisation while lifting a load
Dual push buttons for RELEASE
Visual and audible alarms indicate low battery level
Magnet cannot be turned “ON” if battery charge is too low
Exhaustive lifting guidelines ensure a double lift capacity with respect to weight of load
High degree of comfort
Controller/battery enclosure with detachable front and back panel
Easy access to controller and battery for installation and inspection
Additional Lift and Release push buttons on front panel
LED display shows battery charge level when magnet is “ON”
Built-in, temperature compensated, automatic cut-off charger
Pocket to store remote and mains power cord
Clip on remote allows operator to attach to belt or pocket
Recommended applications
These Battery Powered Lifting Magnets are extremely useful throughout the plant, around the yard, in receiving and shipping areas, cut-off saws, burning tables and machine tools. They have widespread applications for handling of machine components, die-blocks, smooth castings and forgings, plates, bars, pipes and structurals.
BM series for Flat Material Handling
BM1350, BM2500, BM5000
These models are designed to lift heavy, thick plates and blocks. The maximum lift capacity is obtained on material thicknesses of 50mm and above and on relitavely flat, machined surfaces. Model BM5000 has two independantly suspended ‘2500’ magnets to lift large objects.
Model BM3600
This model is specially designed for plate lifting from 3mm thickness and up. Provided a smooth and flat surface, this magnet will lift a plate of 2400 x 1800mm of 3mm thick and even 6 x 3 metres when 25mm thick! The “tip-off” feature allows to drop excess plates in case multiple plates are picked up from a stack.
BMP series for Flat, Rounds and Structurals
BMP1800, BMP3600
These so-called bi-polar lifting magnets with V-shaped pole shoes are designed to lift both flat and round material as well as I- and H-shaped beams, angles, channels, Tees and Zees. The maximum lift capacity is obtained on material thicknesses of 50mm and above. Thanks to the good depth of field, these models cope very well with irregular surfaces.

  • Features: Self contained lifting material
  • Safety factor: 4:1
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Model WLL flat materials
L x W of base
Height up to crane hook
Type of battery Tested break-away load
Recommended battery Discharge time at 50% duty (hr) WLL round materials
BM1350 1.35 272 x 242 460 43539-2 2,7 Dec-35 8 60
BM2500 2.5 400 x 242 460 43539-3 5 Dec-50 8 72
BMP1800 1.8 470 x 242 610 43539-3 3,6 Dec-70 8 1.1 167
BM3600 3.6 1050 x 240 460 43539-3 7,2 Dec-70 8 180
BM5000 5 1200 x 300 460 43539-2 10 Dec-70 8 203
BMP3600 3.6 760 x 262 620 43539-3 7,2 Dec-70 8 2.2 420
* Performance rating on ground 50mm thick S235 JR/AISI 1020 steel plate

Download CAD

Download CAD by choosing the desired product from the table above and the format from the menu below. Click "Get CAD" and after the load reaches 100% you can click on the download icon to download it. Please note that CAD drawings are only available if the icon at the right side of the table above is colored and not grayed out.


Magnet details 

BM1350 BM2500 BM3600 BM5000 BMP1800 BMP3600
3-pole 3-pole 3-pole 3-pole 2-pole 2-pole
flat flat flat flat V-shaped V-shaped
1 magnet 1 magnet 1 magnet 2 magnets 1 magnet 1 magnet