• Not for lifting

Load binders are used for the safe securing of heavy loads by road, rail, air and ship transport. The lashing chains are equipped with a ratchet tensioner, load hooks with safety latches, shortening claw with a safety device that prevents the chain from vibrating during transport. The ratchet tensioner applies a force to the chains in a controlled manner.


  • Ratchet tensioner with secure-locking.
  • Long side can be shortened safely by the shortening claw.
  • Safety label with workload and tension force.
  • Chains and accessories Grade 10, tensioner Grade 8
  • Standard working length 3.5 m.
  • Length of cranck 355 mm.


  • Every load, independent of its weight, must be secured.
  • Load binderss are not suitable for lifting a load.
  • Never extend the handle with a pipe for more force.
  • Never subject chains, hooks and tensioner over sharp edges.
  • Use corner protectors or guides on sharp edges (r radius <diameter chain).
  • lashing chain with stretched or bent links, cracks, etc. may no longer be used.
  • In case of doubt, always have it inspected and / or repaired by authorized persons or authorities.
  • Marking: According to standard
  • Standard: EN 12195-3
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Part Code Code Diameter
Min. breaking force
Length Model Standard Tension Force (STF)
Weight CAD
3025108 8717365175886 8 5,000 10 3.5 TLB-8mm-3,5m 1,900 12
3025110 8717365175893 10 8,000 16 3.5 TLB-10mm-3,5m 1,900 19
3025113 8717365175909 13 13,400 26.8 3.5 TLB-13mm-3,5m 2,500 33

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