DLB brake winch

Product information "DLB brake winch"


  • Zinc-plated housing (DL2500G has a ungalvanized drum).
  • Fitted with automatic load pressure brakes.
  • For extra safety, they are fitted with locking pawls.

Standard delivery

  • Does not include cable.


  • Steel wire rope according DIN 3060 with safety hook.
  • Sling belt according DIN 3060 with safety hook.

Marking: According to standard, CE-marked
Standard: EN 12100 , EN 13157
Warning: For lifting, select another wire rope diameter, taking tensile strength into consideration. Minimum load required for winch to operate properly.
Product number WLL Cable Diameter mm Code. Drum mm Force on the handle (kg) Gear ratio Length handle mm Lift/crank turn (mm) Max. reel capacity mm Model Weight kg Stock Unit price Cad Blueprint Buy