Stainless steel safety-set matching to Connex connector, consisting of suspension bolt and spiral spring (Mat. 1.4462), with an enlarged synthetic sleeve as practically fit-up aid, where the spiral locking of suspension bolt.

Variety of use: CBHWI bolts and safety bushes for grade 6 plus correspond to the design of CBHWI grade 5 and may therefore also be used as replacement parts. Please note the modified material properties of grade 6 plus!

  • Note: The replacement set for grade 5 should not be used for CWI grade 6.
  • Warning: Only bolts that have been stamped with grade 6 are allowed to be used.
  • Grade: 6
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Part Code Code For connecting link CAD
11.09PEW75362 CBHWI 5-6 CWI 5-6
11.09PEW75385 CBHWI 7/8-6 CWI 7-6 + CWI 8-6
11.09PEW87014 CBHWI 10-6 CWI 10-6
11.09PEW75388 CBHWI 13-6 CWI 13-6
11.09PEW75389 CBHWI 16-6 CWI 16-6
11.09PEW55640 CBHWI 6-6 CWI 6-6

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