Truck Arm

General: The application of a truck arm with a fork-lift truck creates a virtual crane with higher and further range and permits the lifting of goods, which would require otherwise the usage of a mobile crane. It enables also a lifting over obstacles like e.g. fences.
Design: Telescopic truck arm for lifting in the positions 1 to 16. The inclination-adjustable construction is variable in 15-degrees-steps up to 45 degrees. Chain protection against unintentional slipping. Completely with 2 swivelling safety hooks.
  • Warning: To use the full capacity of Staplerarms after the above table, the truck must have a minimum capacity of 5 tons at a load center distance of 600mm from forks! If a smaller truck is used, the equivalent load can be reduced to the diagram above. A recalculation and a new load diagram can be created on request.

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