Certex have the expertise and testing facilities to help you follow local laws and standars as well as prevent accidents.
We offer a software system (CertMax+) for complete management of lifting gear. Accessible online for our customers 24/7 from any location, where they can produce real time reports. Eliminating costly paperwork and errors. 

Certex Germany offers inspection of height safety equipment, we are authorized by most manufactorers.

Inspection of lifting gear

Certex perform annual inspections of lifting equipment with respect to DGUV 100-500, which states that the lifting accessories must be checked for safety to the user.

We do ocular control of lifting gear or for example nondestructive testing. All tools are recorded in CertMax+ by or service/inspection personnel, and then stored in the CertMax+ database which is accessible from any device, where you can reach your report easily via a login to CertMax+.

CertMax+ gives you the ability to easily keep track of your lifting gear and manage them.

Please contact your local Certex-office for more information.

Fall protection

Certex performs inspection of fall protection products, we are certified by most manufacturers of fall protection products.

We come to you and do an inspection of your gear, which are recorded and given a unique ID number in our system CertMax+. This is done every year. We also perform installation, fitting and service of fall protection systems.

Please contact your local Certex-office for more information.

Indication of cracking

Certex performs non-destructive testing, a method that ensures that the lifting accessories are crack-free and therefore in good condition. Lifting gear that are tested against cracking are registerd in CertMax+ and assigned the relevant information in the database. Items that can be tested agains cracking are for example: fastener for steel wire ropes, supporting structures and so on.

Indication of cracking is used where high stresses can be expected to arise, by doing a crack analysis, a material fatigue can be detected in time.

We also have portable equipment, allowing for us to work in environments where there is no current.
We are certified for magnetic particle inspection level II and follows the requirements in accordance with EN 4179.

Please contact your local Certex-office for more information.

Inductive MRI

Certex are experts in secure wire rope solutions.

To be on the safe side, we can check your ropes with our inductive MRI. This way, you get black and white how your ropes are doing.
We also provide installation assistance for new installations of your steel wire rope.

Please contact your local Certex-office for more information.