CertMax+ is Certex online system used to manage the products and equipment that require control, inspection and monitoring, such as slings , shackles and other lifting equipment .

With CertMax + companies can maintain a high level of safety in a quick and efficient manner. The system supports identification using RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) of the equipment the company wishes to keep track of . Although identification using barcodes or manual ID number is possible in the system. Additionally, you have access to CertMax + through any web browser, iPad, iPhone and Android - 24/7.

CertMax + gives you access to the status of your equipment - approved or not approved , for example. CertMax + gives you access to the equipment's reports and certificates. Everything is available online 24 hours a day .

Manuals for the registered equipment is also available in the system. With CertMax + you have access to your documents and certificates through any web browser , iPad, iPhone, Android or PDA. Thus , no more searching . Using a RFID reader , you do not need to enter the ID number by hand, but can scan equipment and quickly obtain its information.

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