General: We manufacture two standard sizes of well-ring lifters for lifting and handling of concrete well rings. These have a grab width of 50–100 mm and 100–150 mm, respectively, which cater for the standard well sizes that exist on the market. Both sizes are available with two or three grabs. Supplied complete with wire-rope slings or chain slings (see table). If large well rings are to be handled, they will balance better if three grabs (Type 3000A–D) are used.
Design: Welded box construction makes for light weight, high load capacity (1 tonne per grab), and a wide grip. The serrated pipe suspension grab, and the twisted expanded metal on the opposite side to the grab, together apply strong friction to the well ring. Handling is easy, thanks to the fact that the well-ring lifter does not itself need to be lifted — it is simply guided over the edge of the well ring. To ensure that the serrated pipe suspension grab grips securely on lifting, the wire rope sling is detached from the hook at the top of the grab. Similarly, with the chain sling, the lift chain is detached from the hook at the top of the grab. After the lift has been completed, the procedure is reversed, and the well-ring lifter is removed.

Proof: Batch proof 2 x max last.


  • Material: Plate of high-strength structural steel.
  • Marking: Maximum load, gap width and CE-markning.
  • Finish: Electro-zink plated
  • Warning: For large well-rings (Ø > 2 m) the slings length needs to be increased to 3 meters. This lifting equipment is not recommended for small well-rings (Ø 400-500 mm).
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Part Code Code WLL
Jaw width
Number of grabs Fitting type Fitting Ø
Fitting length m Weight
16.852000A 2000A 2 50-100 2 SWR* 12 2 23
16.852000C 2000C 2 50-100 2 C* 7 2 25
16.852000B 2000B 2 100-150 2 SWR* 12 2 30
16.852000D 2000D 2 100-150 2 C* 7 2 32
16.853000A 3000A 3 50-100 3 SWR* 12 2 35
16.853000C 3000C 3 50-100 3 C* 7 2 38
16.853000B 3000B 3 100-150 3 SWR* 12 2 46
16.853000D 3000D 3 100-150 3 C* 7 2 49
Other dimensions and designs are made on request.
SWR* - Steel wire rope
C* - Chain