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– Your solution for lifting products and services.

Certex is Europe’s largest supplier of steel wire ropes and lifting equipment.

We provide:
      • Products
      • Customized lifting solutions
      • Technical support
      • Test & Inspections
      • Certification
      • Maintenance
      • Education
      • Repairs

Our qualified experts help you navigate our wideselection of products and services

Certex is a distribution company, specializing in lifting. In whatever forms lifting exists in the industry, ports, construction works, mines and a whole range of other areas, we at Certex have products and services that make it possible. Our main product is steel wire ropes but we have a wide product range with about 10,000 articles covering most lifting needs. In the case of our stocked items are not enough, we ask around among our global suppliers for the right product to our customers.

We exist throughout Europe

Certex services the market throughout Europe and is currently active in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Germany, UK, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Russia, Belgium and the Netherlands. In each country there is a local network of service centers and service buses with access to a rigorous amount of expertise and experience that will benefit our customers. In order to offer a comprehensive service in Germany, we have sales offices in Düsseldorf, Bremen, Leipzig and Nürnberg.

Germany's widest Steel Wire Rope Assortment

In the central warehouse in Täby we have a modern machine park and the largest of our service workshops.
The other sales offices have been service warehouses for the local market.

Customized Products

In order to match the most complicated lifting we have a special workshop in Varberg where all types of lifting beams and tools are designed, manufactured, tested and certified. The products are usually tailored completely according to our customers' requests.