CERTEX Germany belongs to the international Certex Group, you can find our sister company websites here.

We are located throughout Europe

Certex offers products and services throughout Europe and is currently active in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Germany, UK, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Russia, Belgium, the Netherlands and Spain. In each country there is a local network of service centers and service buses with access to a large amount of expertise and experience that benefits our customers.
In order to offer a comprehensive service in Germany, we have sales offices in Düsseldorf, Leipzig and Nürnberg.

We are part of a larger group

CERTEX Germany is part of AxInter.

"Every day – all over the world – AxLoad products and solutions are being deployed in ports and airports, on ships and on the road, on offshore platforms and in various industrial applications to ensure a safe and efficient working environment."

AxLoad in turn is part of

Axel Johnson International.

"Axel Johnson International’s history goes back over two centuries. The origin of the marketing and distribution business of today can be found already in the emerging operations of Axel Johnson & Co founded in 1873. Over the years, new operating areas have been added and old ones discontinued. This is natural in an ever changing world. As the world changes more rapidly, so has Axel Johnson International. Our key markets are the Nordic region and Europe, our principals are some of the strongest brands in the world, our position is one of market leadership in most segments and niches in which we operate. In short, we have transformed a loose and geographically dispersed conglomeration of companies into a streamlined and tightly focused group of core businesses."

Axel Johnson International is a part of the family company Axel Johnson AB together with Axstores, Martin&Servera (70%), Novax and the partly owned listed companies Axfood and Mekonomen. Axel Johnson AB is owned by Antonia Ax:son Johnson and her family. The wholly and partly owned companies in the Axel Johnson group have total annual sales of approximately SEK 71 billion and about 22.000 employees (2013).

We are where you are!

For us at Certex it is important to be present close to our customers. Our local offices are specialists in the local market, and the products at the local store as well as special knowledge in every region, are adapted to cater for the specific needs that each local market has. Our Lifting KnowHow, our products and services are here for you, whether you are in Düsseldorf Leipzig or Nürnberg!