Projects in the special construction

Often, customer- specific design tasks are put to CERTEX. Numerous projects have been carried out in custom-made constructions by CERTEX.
In this sample a spreader beam was developed and manufactured, which raises a generator.
The task to be solved was that all four contact points are load-bearing the same.
To compensate for the length tolerances on the slings, a rocker was inserted, which bridges the length tolerance.
The sling shackles were selected in the correct ratio and attached to the spread beam.




Figure: Certex turning traverse


CERTEX Germany successfully realizes special constructions!


Since many years Certex Lifting & Service plans, develops and realizes successfully
Special solutions in load and lifting technology. As a competent and flexible partner
the industry, the Certex team of engineers has lifting know-how in almost all
Industrial sectors.

For a special project, a turning traverse was used for the horizontal 
turning of sharp-edged components of different lengths.

Battery-powered drive - no power required from crane.

The technical challenge lies in using the turning traverse to carry out the work,
to improve the process. Battery operated, a frequency converter provides a gentle
Start of rotation and infinitely variable speed control.
The rotation speed is 1 to 4 revolutions per minute.
With this solution, safer and faster operations can be achieved.

With a double single-strand chain suspension, the cross beam can be attached to a
single or double hooks can be attached.

The turning traverse is suitable for large workpiece lengths up to 8 m and weights up
to 1.5 t. is laid out.
Two rubberized rollers with compartments on the traverse sides allow for
good torque transmission to the lifting straps.
With the PU-coated belts, the sharp-edged workpieces are reliably turned around.
The flexible load is attached to four lifting straps.
Lifting belt widths from 30 mm to 80 mm can be used.